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Talkback: Cuckoo spit

Hi Lara, I'm looking up same issue and consensus seems to say they should be fine to eat - after all, the 'spit' is only the sap of the plant it's on, sort of like a Michelin-starred chef's rosemary foam... Hosed it off several times but the nymphs only spume more, so reckon it's counterproductive since logically they'll suck extra sap to re-conceal themselves..?
I'm inclined to just make sure I give it a thorough wash if I pick an affected section of plant, and check no nymph's still attached!


  • I just wipe off the spit and then pick off the froghopper young and wipe them onto tissue. I then just toss the tissue away.
  • I have cuckoo spit all over my rosemary bush and it's starting on my sage plant as well. If I hose it off as suggested above will the herbs still be ok to eat afterwards or are they inedible now they've been infested?

    Sorry if this is a naive question but I'm very new to this!

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