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Sprig2Sprig2 Posts: 74

Well, as Nutcutlet suggested yesterday that I should put my split and potted perennials in the ground asap I decided today was to be a 100% gardening day so I could break the back of the job today. I thought I would show you how I got on (hope this is the right place on the forum, do tell me if not).

Just a few perennials I have split and potted up!


 A few more.


 I was out at 7am and had the bed dug over and raked by half eleven. It was hard work as this a spot under some leylandii that we had felled. There was lots of ivy and also there had been some huge overgrown shrubs we took out so some roots from those were remaining too. The bed had previously been marked out and the edges cut but nothing apart from that.

Last September.


 I planted the beech hedge in December.




 Perennials all laid out, ready to plant. I have sown annual seeds to fill in the gaps and they are in the greenhouse at the moment, coming along nicely.


 Planted and watered. Just enough time to cut the grass before it gets dark.


 I have some perennials remaining which will go back in to the other flower bed tomorrow to bulk out what we started last year.

Hopefully in a few months I will be able to show you pictures of it all greened up and some flowers coming out. I hope you find the pictures interesting. I thought seeing as I am so often asking for help I should show you what that is going towards.





  • Ashleigh 2Ashleigh 2 Posts: 256

    I bet you feel great, there is nothing so satisfying as a hard day in the garden, you have done loads, can't wait for the summer photosimage

  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 17,436

    Oh WOW, what a lot of pots! And then I looked at your other pics...what a beautiful garden. You worked hard today and did so much!  You must be so tired now.

    Look forward to more pics,its really lovely you should be very proud. image

  • Ryan LloydRyan Lloyd Posts: 395

    Sprig, that's a heck of a lot of work for one day! I'm really excited for you! It going to look amazing! What perennials did you split and plant in your new bed if you don't mind me asking? image

  • chickychicky Posts: 10,400

    Sprig - it looks amazing image.  Can't wait to see the summer photos tooimageimage

  • PottersPotters Posts: 55

    Sprig - that looks amazing! Fab garden!

  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087

    Excellent effort to get all those perennials split and potted in one day. You will be very satisfied when you bed them in to your new boarders.

    I  had to do he same thing last spring and believe me it took 2 days to split and pot 40  perennials and a whole day to get them in prepared boarders.

    So I tip my gardening hat to you and well done

  • Sprig2Sprig2 Posts: 74

    Ryan - I know. I am exhausted. I had to have a shower after finishing digging and raking as I was just too disgusting to stay like that all day, even in the garden! My son goes to my ex-husband on a Saturday so it really is the only day I have free to get on and do things on peace so I thought I would make the most of it.

    The perennials mainly came from the bed on the other side of the garden that we started last year and also some I was given. I have decided that this new bed will be hot colours; orange, red, yellow, brighter pinks etc and the one on the other side I am going to keep just more muted colours; blue, purple, white etc. In this bed so far are hardy geraniums along the front, a few hostas around the existing shrub, some Shasta daisies, golden rod, geum, penstomen (sp?). That is all I have that is the right colour. There will be some rudbeckia going in hopefully and also sweet peas on the wigwams and obelysks. Also probably some sunflowers as we planted loads of seeds. I am a begger who can't be a chooser! The perennials were all bought as garden centre sale plants after they flowered last year, apart from a few which I was given. I am planning to grow more of what I really want from seed once I have planted the annual seedlings out and I have a bit of space in the greenhouse.

    There are some other perennials in those first pics of all the pots on the patio which have not gone in this bed for various reasons - either I do not know what they are (see yesterday's thread!), they are going back in the bed opposite, I have not decided where to put them yet (for example sedum - I seem to remember it is dusky pink so will probably go better back in the other bed) and I have a few perennials that I have bought in the last week or so in small pots, which I have potted on and will plant out when they are a bit bigger.

  • Sprig2Sprig2 Posts: 74

    Steve, I was probably not that clear. The perennials have been split and potted over the last couple of weeks. Just digging, raking and planting today. That was enough for me!

  • That is alot of work!!! but you will reap the benefit. Well done.


  • Ryan LloydRyan Lloyd Posts: 395

    That sounds wonderful! I must say I like the bed shape too. How big is your actual garden? I'm not sure if it's the pictures that make it look like that, but it seems to go on forever! Please keep us posted (literally!) on the development of this image

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