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Wall covering, or trailing plant for tall wall

NynaeveNynaeve Posts: 17

Hi everyone

I have a problem with people graffiti-ing on the wall surrouding my garden.  I am considering trying to make it more difficult by covering the wall with a plant, but this is more difficult than it sounds.

The grafiti to is the exterior, and I can only plant on the interior of the wall.  I could plant something that climbs the wall and trails over, or perhaps put up a wall basket on my side and trail straight over... or maybe you can think of another suggestion?

The wall is approx 2m tall and curves round the garden, so difficult to say about facing.  Any ideas?


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Is the wall just plain brick, or rendered and painted? How thick is the wall; some friends in Wales years ago planted on top of a wall, in troughs and it worked well; you could make sure that the troughs were really secure. I would recommend for something fast growing; Nasturtiums. Also you could plant a variegated ivy which of course would be evergreen. The other option, which I know as a mural painter is that if you painted a mural, it tends not to attract graffitti. I believe, though that you have to get planning permission.image

  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    Clematis montana is so rampant it would grow up your side and over the other side or as Artjal says one of the Ivy.

  • NynaeveNynaeve Posts: 17

    Thanks for your reply Artjak.  The wall is plain brick, and perhaps 20cm thick, enough for a trough I would think.  However, my garden is small and adding any height to the walls is likely to block light (although considering the particular area I need to cover is at the side and near the bins anyway this may still be a workable suggestion)

    Nasturtiums are pretty...but are they perenial?  Also, they will need to trail at least 1m to be useful, do they trail this far?

    I am considering Ivy but trying to get more info as it has a bad rep and I need to be sure it would do what I needed it to do.

  • NynaeveNynaeve Posts: 17

    Why move plants to graffiti when it will just get covered again?  I suppose they could pull it down, but I really don't want a mural so I am trying something along the lines I have mentioned


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...I will suggest 2 plants, either singly or together if you have room... Clematis armandii... evergreen and fairly rampant if happy.... it will grow up and over, down the other side... along with Rose 'Francis E Lester'.... this rambler will do the same, has strong scent, flowers only at midsummer but armed with some vicious thorns that no one would want to mess with....

  • NynaeveNynaeve Posts: 17

    Thanks for all the input... I think I am favouring troughs but I want to put something in there that will carry on year after year, and not worry about replanting.

    Are there any kinds of ivy that wil grow well in a trough this way?


  • I would go for a prickly rambling rose, too. Or maybe a pyracantha which has berries for birds. Slow to get going but vigorous when it does: hydrangea anomala petiolaris.

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