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I planted this clematis in April 2011 and it grew well. This year it flowered late and has made no growth at all even though it isn't dead and has leaves on it. Has anyone any suggestions as to what is wrong? I had a montana rubens for nearly 40 years and it was superb but had to be dug up due to revamping of garden. It's not as if I've never grown one before!!


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    This year has been so awful weatherwise, there have been some bizarre results - for example, I have a foxglove that's just come into bloom. In October. If your c.montana still has leaves, and has flowered, I'd wait till next year to see what happens.

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  • I have had a very poor year with some of my clematis but others have done ok,like Elsa spath and Indian star but Nellie mos er was a pathetic and yellow leaved.They do suffer from  slugs etc and you must plant them deep and only feed when in flower.normally I have to water them daily in spring (not the early ones) but it was over board with the rain this year.Pruning you can do to soon and cut back to much so be careful.but montana's ( I have Elizabeth \and another that escapes me )do quite well in my clay soil.image

  • My montana rubens is planted against an old wall.  The bed previously contained a white scented jasmine which was very prolific but killed off in the 2 hard winters.  The montan rubens has had sme flowers but has made poor growth.  Most of the leave are darkish purple with some small green ones.  I planted it 2 years ago.  PLants in the same bed are doing well.

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