Is this earwigs?

Some of my clematis flower buds seem to have lost their points, I thought it might be earwigs so I put straw filled flowerpots on canes but no sign - any ideas?




  • Hi Ashleigh

    Regards earwigs attacking clematis. I have never heard of any insect attack on this plant. I might be wrong, but other will obviously comment and If its true then I've learned something new. Hope your clematis get through what ever is effecting them

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,122

    Slugs will eat emerging clematis, but that far up it's hard to tell what has happened.

  • Ashleigh 2Ashleigh 2 Posts: 256

    On GW the guy with the beautiful dahlias put petroleum jelly on the first 4" of stem underneath the flower bud to protect from earwigs, shall I try that do you think? I don't want to lose any more flowers but then again because it's safe for dahlias does it automatically follow its safe for clematis? They are pretty much protected from slugs there are some tiny holes in a few leaves (you can see them in the photo) slugs and snails usually make bigger holes don't they?

  • Small slugs and snails make small holes! Although in my experience, it is usually snails high up and slugs low down. I have found snails up by my bedroom window before now. They can shelter themselves to some degree. But sligs seem to like to stay low so they can hide from sun and heat. I would say snails, but more experience from someone else may have a more specific answer.

    In my hot dry front garden, my hostas get eaten to death in any weather. In the back, only in damp weather. I think snails in front and slugs in back.

  • Ashleigh 2Ashleigh 2 Posts: 256

    Thanks gardenjeannie, I'll have a good hunt around, maybe its small snails.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,762

    I get clematis buds nibbled like that quite often. I'd guess snails - I get monster ones in this garden.

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  • Just had whoever to check my gas reading. the box is in front garden on the wall above my hostas. It was absolutely full of snails. No idea how the bigger ones get in and out to eat, as I can't see a big enough hole for some of them. but they were Thrush food once I found them. How come none of the meter readers mentioned them before? That explains leaves eaten from top downwards, which always confused me. Check gas meter boxes, or any outside ones. Little bar steward, crafty so n so's! Out with the torch once enough shoots to protect. With a container of salt, now I know they have a homing instinct. No more mrs nice guy, with a chance on top of neighbours garage roof. not getting back to me again!

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