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yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

Have this Gypsophila in a pot from last year.  A whim purchase as had nothing 'white' in the garden and moved it around in its pot to brighten up anything dark.  Unfortunately it was overpowering and didn't seem to fit or look natural anywhere - but on it's own it was 'pretty' as opposed to anything else. 

Has stood outside since last summer - very nice stems - but unsure if it's an annual or not.  Is there any way I can tell?  I was told it depends on which one it is but I can't remember.  At the moment it doesn't seem to have any inclination to show signs of life!  If it is truly 'over' I might just put it between plants in a shady corner just for the interest of the stems.  Can anyone advise me if it's likely to kick into life again? 


 I like the way the stems look, colour, shape etc so don't want to bin it.


  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I have a perennial Gypsophilla that I bought last year. First thing I did was an out of season division because I'm cheeky. Well, you don't win them all and I managed to get half results which I grew on in pots whilst the mummy plant put on a modest show in the border with Helliums. But slugs and snails love love love Gypsophilla and were really quick this year to start gnawing down the stems.

    You should be able to tell if its still alive by green stems at the base, or scratch the bark bits for life. keep it protected from slugs and snails, mine is only just showing little rosettes so I think its a latish starter.image

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