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Potting on, large pots/seed trays or single pots?

Hi, Normally I pot on seedlings into single 1inch pots before going up to a bigger size. I have done this with the French marigolds and some other seedlings, however as always, I'm rapidly running out of room in the GH. So last weekend I potted on some seedlings in a large flowerpot, spaced out. They seem OK, a week on, and it saved space in the GH. I'm thinking of doing this again for the remainder of my seedlings.

Has anyone else got any space saving ideas for the greenhouse?


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Build some tiered staging out of pallets. The lower shelves can be used for frsh sowings, and when they germinate move them to the top tiers. As long as light can get between the shelves they will do okay.

  • thanks guys, I like the pallet idea Daveimage

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