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Talkback: Holly blue butterflies

happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
Oh, Richard, and it is too wet to get out in my garden today to see it all. Last year I had hordes of them in April but then we had that lovely weather, in fact a five week drought. I have seen orange tips and speckled woods in the last few weeks but no blues as yet. My garden has all the shrubs you mention, in fact loads of holly and dogwood and a solitary spindle brought by the birds, four pyracanthas and a large snowberry bush, so it is holly blue heaven.


  • Where was this? And when? I saw some butterflies last week in my garden in Cornwall but I was so surprised that I didn't even think to identify them. Must get my camera at the ready. Had a few bees too & where are all the wood lice cop0ming from in my conservatory? I always help them to go outside though although some of them are dead.
  • That is fascinating.I love the description of the courtship. Did you watch with binoculars? My partner and I are holing an event in London called 'The Big Buzz and Flutter in Archbishop's Park' for the Chelsea Fringe. We have a few leaflets from Butterfly conservation, but no one is coming to do a workshop. Our aim is to make people aware of the decline of the butterflies, and what we can do about it - we need an expert like you. Might you be interested? The Chelsea Fringe runs from May 19th - June 10th. We are just there for weekends. I long to know more about butterflies. Clive Farrel is kindly donating seed for our seed bombs we are making. ( The bombs will have seed to attract bees and butterflies) Wendy Cartwright email:
    [email protected]
  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
    I live in Bristol, Jean, and have seen quite a few butterflies. I photographed an orange tip at the Botanic Garden last Thursday which snoozed for hours on a dicentra flower and only flew off when the first raindrop fell. They hate getting their wings wet.I think I put the pic on the Dicentra thread in Forum,
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