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Scarify Lawn

I scarified my lawn last week with a wire rake which was hard work,I managed to get plenty of moss out of my lawn but there are lots of bare patches and it looks awful will I have to re-seed these patches or will the grass come through in time.


  • I treated the lawn with weed and feed granules before I scarified it so the weeds have gone,would it be a good idea to wait for the weather to get milder before putting seed down

  • Hi Arthur.

    Yes you will need to over seed the area or the moss will make the most of the bald paths and grow back. Edd is right, in a few weeks you will be glad you have spent the time to do it.

    You need to have a look at the instructions on your seed but you need to sow something like 30g per square metre, or roughly a big handful.

    Make sure the seed is in contact with the soil or it will never germinate, so a light rolling or walk over the area.

    Ideally you should wait till the risk of frost has gone before you sow the seeds but if its mild where you are go for it. Give the area a little water every day. Do not drown the area, little and often is best.

    Feel free to contact me at if you get stuck.


  • Thanks for your reply the seeds that I have got is already mixed with with compost in the box but I heard the weather man said there could be frost about so I will give it a few days before I go ahead.

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