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Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

I'm thinking of visiting the Keukenhof Gardens during their last week, on the 16th May. Are the bulb displays still likely to be attractive as it's towards the end of the event? Can anyone recommend a budget hotel within easy reach of the event. I am currently looking at £123 for two nights for a single person, no breakfast, at nearby Leiderdorf, but as I'm a penny pincher, I am looking for somewhere cheaper.


  • lesinnllesinnl Posts: 43

    I have not been this year, so can not advise. Last week I was in the region of Alkmaar, and the bulb fields there were still gorgeous, but in another 2 weeks I dare not say. Hotels in the area; I have only stayed in Noordwijk aan Zee  and this comes to about 140.00GBP inc breakfast.  Good luck and enjoy the the Keukenhof.

  • Lion SLion S Posts: 263

    Paul, there is a hostel in Noordwijk, if you are up for something like that. Also try  looking for hotel-restaurants in Alphen a/d/ Rijn, they tend to be somewhat cheaper. Of course Amsterdam and Haarlem are close to Lisse as well. As the North Sea is not far from the Keukenhof you could find that, with temps going up and more sunshine to come, cheap hotels might not be available since 17th May is Ascension Day and many people will extend the weekend by taking an extra day off at 18th May. I really hope that the Keukenhof will live up to your expectations after a disappointing Floriade.

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