Poorly conifers

Just wondered if anyone can give me some advise about 3 conifers that we planted in the Autumn of 2010?  They were all about 1 metre high and different.  Two we kept in large pots with good compost to create a 'screen' at the bottom of our pond, which has a wall around.  The other one we planted in the ground close to the waterfall.  One which was in a pot, died pretty quick but the others seemed fine, but we have noticed over the last few weeks that both of them are starting to die too!!  We don't know what we've done wrong as we've planted plenty of different size/types of conifers in the garden in the past that have all thrived.  We are loathe to replace them with more conifers incase we manage to 'kill them off' too.

Perhaps someone can tell me what we're doing wrong or indeed advise us on other evergreen trees that we could replace them with?

Thank you so much

Kind regards,


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