Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' Easter Radbud

Hello all you lovely gardening folk. I am hoping you can help me with the following dilemma.

I have a smallish front garden and have been looking for a small tree that I can keep around 2-3m high for the centre to replace what was thought to be wild cherry that I had removed due to its propensity to send up sucker shoots all through the garden.

I have just been given a Cercis canadensis Forest pansy and was wondering if this would be suitable for that spot. It will be about 4m from my house wall. Will it be easy to care for and keep to the desired height? Or should I just put it in a large pot to keep its growth restricted?

Having looked it up on the internet it looks beautiful but the size range (6-30ft) is concerning me slightly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am a novice in terms of trees. If not htis tree then what would you recommend?


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 11,929

    Cercis "Forest Pansy" is classed as a small tree or a large shrub. They have them growing like shrubs in borders at the Eden Project. They take 20 - 50 years to reach full size. They can grow to over 8 metres, but I would imagine that you could keep it pruned. I bought one 3 years ago and it is not as tall as me.

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,111

    Thats a relief - i have just ordered one today, and was not banking on 30ft image

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