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Repotting/planting out clustered mixed seedlings


Please could anyone advise me about replanting seedlings from a supermarket packet of "cottage garden seeds"? I'm afraid the different varieties are not listed on the packet.

I am not a brilliant gardener, but have generally been more specific than this in what I wanted. This was an inexpensive impulse buy, so if I do have to write a few off c'est la vie.

They are growing in a cluster, and while some seedlings are now 2 or 3 inches tall and perhaps ready for a bit of space, others nestled among them are tiny.

I am worried that many will die in the cluster, but unsure of how to go about uprooting the big ones without destroying the little ones.

Is there a way forward here?



NB They are in a bowl on my windowsill. In future of course I will know to use a proper tray for mixed seeds.


  • JdeVJdeV Posts: 7

    I'll do that and keep my fingers crossed. Thank you very much Philippa!

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