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what are most fragrant jasmine plant

i am looking to plant a really strong fragranced jasmine in my uk garden which has sandy loamy soil with a higher acidic level and so far have identified the following:

Star jasmine
Trachellospermum jasmoinodies

Night blooming/queen of night
Cestrum noctrum

White winter jasmine
Jasminium nudiflorum

Summer jasmine
Jasminium offecianale

Please could somebody advise if i may have missed any ? Also if these will thrive in my soil type ?


any advice greatly appreciated




  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,834

    The first two are not hardy in the UK - they are more usually grown in a heated conservatory,

    Jasminlum nudiflorum is winter flowering and does not have a noticeable perfume.

    Jasminium officinale  is hardy outside in most parts of the UK and is happy in acidic soil.  It is happiest planted against a south-facing wall which will help to bring out the perfume on a sunny day. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Whilst T Jasminoidies is not supposed to be hardy here, mine has been in a pot against a south facing wall for 6 years and is doing splendidly.   For me it's fragrance is better than J officianle.   I'm in Kent, so south but prone to very cold temps including -17 a couple of years ago.  They can be expensive so might be worth getting a smaller and thus cheaper one.  Mine was less than a foot tall when purchased and now covers an area roughly 6' x 6'.



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