Polycarbonate Greenhouse Spares?


I've tried searching the internet for replacement plastic strips that hold the polycarbonate sheets (windows) in my greenhouse, but I'm struggling.

Please see photo for a cross section of what I'm looking for...


Any help finding where I can buy these, preferably online is much appreciated!

Kindest Regards,



  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 603

    Try  www.greenhousepeople.com Phibir.

  • PhibirPhibir Posts: 2

    I'm still struggling to find what I need.  Any further ideas anyone?



  • mollismollis Posts: 116

    I bought mine from Norfolk Greenhouses, might be worth giving them a ring to see if they can help.http://www.norfolk-greenhouses.co.uk/contact.php

  • Have you tried the place where you brought it from.  I brought a 10 x8 greenhouse from BQ and required a replacement part as it had become damaged . They supplied it within 7 days 

  • Has anybody had any luck? I'm looking for exactly the same strips for a Palram greenhouse.  Have contacted Palram via their website, will let you know if I get a reply image

  • It's taken a month but palram have sent me the parts for a reasonable price.  Either contact them via their website or email this lady (she responded after my website contact) [email protected]

    The code number for the strips is P311

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