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Best plants for covering artificial pond edges?



  • Hi all,

    Here's the pond...  It's a work in progress! Any suggestions for improvement?

    I have lots of spawn in there at the minute but water is low so I'm filling water-butts with tap water and letting them stand for a few days and then topping the pond up as I don't have any rain water-butts connected at the minute






  • Water forget me nots spread quickly and have lovely blue flowers for a long period. I agree with planting the Caltha which will be a lovely companion to the blue of the forget me nots.

  • pam3482pam3482 Posts: 8

    Reading all these posts with interest as I've just made a new pond in my garden. I've edged it with rockery stone and pebbles and would like to put plants between the stones. How do I prevent soil falling into the pond or is this not too much of a problem?

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