You can get deer deterrents- they're sold on Amazon and elsewhere - they're battery powered and when the sensor is triggered they make a noise and turn on a light - reviews are mixed - some people swear by them, but others find they're not so helpful.  I've no experience  of them myself - my farming brother got lion dung from a zoo - that worked for a while.


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    If you put 'deer' in the search box at the very top of the page, you'll find numerous threads where a similar question has been asked.

    On this thread:

    two people said that they had tried Grazers spray, and found it successful. However, that is sprayed on the plants, and makes them taste unpleasant to the deer. I wouldn't like to eat any vegetables that had been sprayed.

    Chili powder might be worth trying. You could have some sacrificial crops dusted with chili, for the deer. Hoping that once the deer have tasted them, they don't get onto the undusted crops.

    Some people say that wire netting, laid flat on the ground, creates a barrier that deer do like to step on.

    Alternatively, you could get hold of a motion-sensitive night-time wildlife camera, local wildlife enthousiasts will have such devices, and take some photos or film, of the deer in action. That might be a fun thing for kids to do. This is not a very good snap, but shows you the idea...

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    Simply laying fleece (which is very inexpensive) over low growing crops might act as a deterent. I'm not sure.

  • Lion pooh! where from ?a zoo.image

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    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    I had deer in my garden. Tried several things, no good. I was thinking of giving up the veg. We've now put up a high netting fence and had the best crops for years and no deer damage. They didn't eat tomatoes, onions, leeks, butternut squash or courgettes.

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    Good luck with it, it's so distressing when everything is eaten. On looking at my answer above it looks a bit ambiguous. The crops I mentioned are the ones the deer don't eat when they have access. They do eat spinach, lettuces, carrots, brassicas, peas and strawberies and they strip leaves and beans off the runner bean stems.

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