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Thanks for gardeners world most helpfull and imformative,
such a lot of helpfull imfomation and lots of good tips thank you. i live in tenerife and at the moment it is extreamly hot 8-30 am 98f rest of the day up to 112f plus a sorroco very strong hot wind, it plays havoc with plants trees ect is it ok douce the foliage ect as well as getting to the roots? thank you redreg97.


  • very useful
  • very useful,informative and easy peasy to understand for beginners like me!!!thankyou
  • No. 3, Genius, never seen this before, I wonder if there is a product designed for the job?

    No. 7, Water-retaining granules.
    I can highly recommend RainGel products from I have used them for years and they massively reduce the amount of watering need in baskets and pots. Good for you and the environment.
  • REALLY GOOD TIPS.............i diddn't think you could re-use your water for so much different things =)
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    How harmful is the fluoride and/or chlorine in tap water?
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    hi is there a of knowing how much to water i'm very new to this as in 3 weeks old i have made a rockery and bought from local garden stores and centers plants that love the sun bit of water now and then, i also bought some that flower in baskets, someone said stick your finger in and see how moist it is.

    ta digger
  • You can buy a nozzle to fit onto an empty lemonade bottle, just screws on, which you then poke in the ground. I've cut a hole in the bottom to both fill and allow the water out.
  • Mr Raspberry, very good idea but you don't need to buy nozzles.  Just put the screw top back on and make a TINY hole in the bottle near the top.  I use two bottles (with their bottoms cut out as you say) for each vulnerable shrub.

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    what fantastic ideas so helpful.

    thanks Linda.


  • Easy way to ensure plants get water is to cut the top off a plastic bottle and place this in container/hanging basket. Much cheaper than using flower pots. Plus you are recycling plastic.
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