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Greenhouse Virgin

BillyjoBillyjo Posts: 28

Hi despite coming from a family of nurserymen, I love gardening but often overthink things! I inherited a small greenhouse from my neighbour and 2 years later the OH is erecting it between rain and hail! I am thinking of borders each side and paving in middle . It will need a good clean but don' t want to use harsh chemicals , suggestions for all please , I really just want to grow seedlings to plant outside and toms and cucumbers that I usually grow outside , thanks 



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Jeyes fluid is a good greenhouse cleaner, it doesn't need to be strong a weak mix will be fine, followed by a sulphur candle just in case. It does smell bad, but it works and will do no harm if diluted enough.

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  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    Someone on here suggested using a steam cleaner.  It lifts the lichen beautifully, but I had to hose the frame down to chase the green water off as the steam didn't do that very well.  Steam kills off bacteria but doesn't use chemicals (is the theory).  I haven't used it on the glass - Am washing that up in the kitchen sink piece by piece with eco-liquid.  Someone suggested putting some moss killer on the panes, but we don't get a lot of moss here.  When I had a GH at our old house I just washed it every early spring with warm soapy water and that seemed to work, although we didn't have any nasties in there that needed a more radical solution, and the lichen didn't grow very fast. 

  • BillyjoBillyjo Posts: 28

    Thanks everyone , I have a steam cleaner so will try that , I am thinking of using gravel for 2 side beds to place pots and grow bags on . 

  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    Edd I found it loosened the lichen, and then left a green watery liquid, but I had to keep chasing it off the glass to the extent that I thought 'you know what!  Would be quicker to wash it off in the sink'.  I think the steam cleaner would work if the glass were in position (vertical), but it is loose because the winds have been so keen here that I want to wait until it's calmer before I fix it in and work out how many new panes I need, cos I don't want a greenhouse with bits missing in high winds.  I'm making a proper meal of this!

  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    When mine eventually gets out up it won't need cleaning for this year, but next year I am planning on just using hot soapy water, probably using somethung like Ecover that is environmentally friendly (and animal friendly), I may well clean it autumn and spring just to keeo on top of it.  This is in the hope that there are no 'nasties' otherwise I will need to rethink and it will probably be a steam cleaner.

    As for a very dirty greenhouse, as my old one was, I washed it with hot soapy water (as above) used a plastic scraper and gently scraped away moss etc from between the glass and frame then washed it again with hot soapy water, finally I hosed it off with clean water.

    I'm still a newbie in comparison to others but hope this helps a bit image

  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    Tracey, tbh, you sound just like me - a bit of a 'light touch' on things.   Mike's story is a salutory tale.  If I get some horrid disease in there, I will blitz it more thoroughly, but for now, as long as the panes are clean and bright, and the light is getting through, steam and ecover will suffice.  I have a horror of bad smells tbh - am working my confidence up to buy some blood, fish and bone, but almost feel nauseous at the thought of buying and spreading it.  So Jeyes fluid is a 'bleurgh'.  Maybe I wasn't cut out to be a gardener, although strangely, I am very happy to go to the local manure pile and fill my buckets - that smell doesn't affect me. 

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  • Busy Bee2Busy Bee2 Posts: 1,005

    Scroggin, my dad used to get BF&B from the local gardening club at the village hall, and I remember how awful it smelled.  Then our discount warehouse started selling it, and every time I walked past the piles of bags, I felt like being sick.  Years ago, one summer holiday, I got a job working for a company that imported corned beef from South America, in Smithfield.  When I arrived in the morning, they were hosing and sweeping the blood towards the drains, and it was the same smell.  I will try a mask!  The other day, I built a bonfire, and couldn't get the smell of that out of my nostrils.  I think I am very sensitive. 

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