Hedge Selection


I recently had a quote for an espalier beech hedge. I initially laughed then cried inside when I heard the price. So, possibly very stupidly decided to try and do something myself.

I have a low garden wall (approx. 18") and I want to grow a hedge so that it looks to be sitting neatly on top of the wall from the outside.

I have been advised to use Photinia Red Robin. However, I have some reservations. I suspect it will be difficult to keep it 'neat' as I understand it likes to be kept 'natural'. I also believe that it doesn't like being kept to a narrow footprint (I only really want it 5' wide so it doesn't take up too much garden). 

Is Photinia Red Robin a good idea and how close can it be planted to the wall (I am considering getting 'instant hedge' in a troughs). Total hedge length is 13 meters.

Any insights?


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