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Border planting plans

Granny-PGranny-P Posts: 2

Hello everyone, newbie here. I'm not sure if this is the right place but here goes.

I am about to move house and have some borders that have been lightly covered with gravel. There are a few perennials there but not much else so is a perfect start. No hard core weeds either so all good, it has been kept minimal but I love typical english country gardens. . It is many years since I had a garden and am very excited about it. As the description says I am a great Gran with arthritis and not up to doing much much physically.  Years ago I bought plants by mail order and the plan was all worked out all I had to do was follow the plan, rather like a jigsaw puzzle. 

I can't for the life in me remember the name of the company and wondered if anyone knows of some that offer the same? They were amazing, my borders looked beautiful all year round and within 3 years were completely covered. I  would love to do the same again.  I love gardening and would love to be able to do the plans myself and shop for the plants but I'm just not up to it so any recommendations are welcome. Once the borders are planted (by volunteersimage ) I can concentrate on the raised beds and containers image



  • Try one question at a time. I'm sure there's lots of answers here for you. Firstly, Now's a good time to move perennials, can you take some of yours with you?

  • Granny-PGranny-P Posts: 2

    image Thanks Ritchard, never thought of that!! I live in a flat with a shared garden which is mostly shrubs and annuals. One of the residents decided to clear it and pulled up all the bulbs and perrenials then sent them to landfill image but there is one area that still has some lovely plants,  I could split some if no-one objects. Maybe ask friends for some too. 

    Can't believe I didn't think of that, thanks for the suggestion, I'm keen to get as many as I can in while it is still early enough. I move in 2 weeks time. 

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