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school pond - what to do ?

We have a school pond, that looks like it has very little life in it and is looking very unloved.  I'm not sure it has been touched for years.  

Where to start, I have no pond experience ?  Any advice gratefully received.  Obviously funds will be limited and will boil down to getting parents to muck in and help where they can. 




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  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    First thing you need to do is empty it.Then test the integrity of the liner. Is it filling to the top or leaking? If it's leaking you need a new liner. If you need a new liner you'll have to lift the edging stones, lay the new liner then re-cement the edging in place.

    Make sure its not leaking before you replace the edging.

    While the pond is empty look for shelving as this is where your pond plants will go.

    Whilst the pond is empty save some of the sludge at the bottom of the pond as this contains all the organisms which give the pond it's natural balance. You'll only need half a bucket of sludge, so don't e tempted to save the lot.

    When your'e happy it's water tight, refill, pop the sludge in and leave it for a few weeks to settle.

    You can put your water plants in as soon as you fill the pond, this will help the pond cycle to start.

    Keep checking the pond every few days and you'll quickly see life arriving, it can happen in days. 

    It's not a hugely technical job, but it can involve some some muscle.

    I can't see properly the mini ponds at the top of the picture, but one seems to be a blue container of some sort. Again you need to check it's water tight. If not replace container and check again. Same procedure as before.

    Try not to let any mortar drop into the pond as it's bad for the ph.

    Don't rush it, check and recheck as rectifying any mistake will double the work load. If you get it right first time then maintenance will be minimal.

    Best of luck. 


  • Jim MacdJim Macd Posts: 750

    If you let the water bubble over something from a height half the chlorine will go. Like shaking a bottle of coke releases the CO2. image

  • BillyjoBillyjo Posts: 28

    We have a small. Hexagonal wooden pond at preschool , it had a lid that was always shut ! we emptied it last year but want to replant and fill to encourage wildlife, it is probably only 3 ft diameter , suggestions please as do not want to overfill ! The liner is intact ,  originally it just had gravel in the bottom 

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Same as above really Jo, refill keep a bit of sludge from the bottom. I'd keep it open when the kids aren't about, close it unless it's supervised, nail some wire mesh over the top to stop kids falling in, and you can leave it open full time. The wire mesh allows the wildlife in, a piece of drainpipe at an angle stuck into the pond will allow access for frogs, very entertaining for little ones.

    Two maybe 3 plants would suffice.

  • BillyjoBillyjo Posts: 28

    Thanks Dave. To save confusion I have changed my user name 

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