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Our garden is very over-looked by a nearby house, and we would like to plant some trees that will cover their windows and so stop their view into our garden where our young children play. It is a large garden, and so we will need three or maybe four trees to cover that side. We would like trees with high and wide canopys that won't therefore encroach too much into the lawn space, or border space below. the windows to cover are about 12-15 ft high. we would like some variety in colour if possible. 

Any ideas gratefully received image Thanks!


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    Hi New G, may I suggest that you look at 'pleached trees' on google and see if that is the effect that you need. Then report back here and I'm sure you will get lots of advice on how to do itimage

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    Bear in mind that deciduous trees will only do the job for half the year.  Every year I am upset at the prospect of looking at the house opposite for six months when our poplar loses its leaves!!

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    I'd go for ornamental cherries or even something like apple trees which would give you blossom, fruit and autumn colour. Loads of varieties easily available. Bear in mind that, unless you're spending big bucks and getting established, mature trees, they won't instantly sort the issue. As Busy Bee says - they're deciduous so it won't give you an all year round solution, but if you have a fence or wall behind the area you're siting them, you could put evergreen climbers on that which will help a bit, although they won't give you the height of course. If you have room behind the trees, you could put a framework of trellis at a slightly higher height  to put climbers on.

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    But you'll spend much less time in the garden over the winter, so being overlooked won't be such an issue image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Hi Greenfingers, if these are your first trees then your supplier  will need to know what your trying to do, he can then explain Root stocks without getting technical as this decides how the tree grows ,height ,width ,etc  im in Norfolk and lucky to have Reads Nurseries who have high quality trees ,right price and deliver at the right price as well, Stephen the owner  will talk to you should you want to, good luck  image

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    I would go for some nice Eucalyptus. They grow fast, are evergreen and smell delightful.

    Dovefromabove wrote (see)

    But you'll spend much less time in the garden over the winter, so being overlooked won't be such an issue image

    Most houses have some other houses facing onto them, so it is less about the garden and more about your house being overlooked. I have 1 house that overlooks mine and their kitchen window, although a good distance away looks into mine and I can see them, esp in winter when lights are on. I have planted a forest of Bamboo to filter them out.

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    HI when we moved here we inherited a large clump of bamboo and it looks like its not the invasive type and as a screen its really good ,image

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    If you feel like your children are vulnerable to unwanted attention, think about whether they play out in winter.  Not all do, but our foster children will ask to go on the trampoline in all weathers/times of the year.  I also love eucalyptus, although it is not a total screen - more like the net curtain of the tree world!  But if your trees will be very close to the neighbours window, they may complain if you block out their light, so a eucalyptus might be less contentious.   

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