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Can anyone help me with planting ideas for a difficult border.  The border is facing North East, is backed by a height 6ft wall and is about 12 foot with a depth of 5 foot .  I have planted shrubs and trees along the wall, some of which are evergreen, but I would welcome ideas for plants ranging from about 3 foot high to ground level.  It would also be nice to also have some colour during the summer months.  I live in windy Anglesey.


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    I have two NE facing borders in my garden due to the house and some very large shrubs which each cast their obliging shade. But I don't mind this location.

    Near the house I have Fatsia japonica (which I know is bigger than you want) and together both areas have hostas, Alchemilla Mollis, Crocosmia, Acanthus, Euonymus, Skimmia, Geraniums, Hebes, Aquilegia, Heuchera, Astilbe, Ferns, Foxgloves (biennial and perennial) Lonicera nitida, Clematis (with their heads in the sun) and that's not including things I don't have but want such as Brunnera Jack Frost.

    There are also some plants I have found to grow in these locations with only a foot or two more of sunlight such as Euphorbias and some Spiraeas. image

  • Your borders sound amazing, and I also love Fatzia Japonica which is why it is already in the border. I will certainly plan my border with these plants and find them all. Thank you Wintersong.

  • For spring colour any of the primula family will flower well in shade, as will bulbs (if the soil is not too wet). Have you tried the dwarf daffodil tete-a-tete? Its close to the ground and so ideal for windy conditions.

    A useful ground-cover plant is London Pride which loves shade and flowers attractively in May.

    Other suggestions: - Dicentra Spectabile (Bleeding Heart) and Pieris (Flame of the Forest).

    Good Luck!

    The Ancient Gardiner

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