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Help please my garden is 90/0 planters of various sizes with perennials, shrubs and climbers. I am unsure the best fertiliser/plant food to use. I replace the top 2/3 inches of soil each year and use water retaining granules in them. 


  • Bridget2Bridget2 Posts: 31

    Good morning Verdun,

            Thank you for the help shall sort this out

  • I agree with Verdun, except to say that unless the plants are showing some kinds of nutrient deficiency I wouldn't say that a seaweed extract spray would help.

    My reasons are that most perennials etc have hard, virtually waterproof leaves and therefore wouldn't absorb the spray.....certainly liquid seaweed is an excellent (and expensive) plant food, but for potted perennials perhaps better watered in. 

  • Bridget2Bridget2 Posts: 31

    Hi David K 

         Many thanks for all the advice.

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