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Can anyone give me an answer as to why some of my tulips are not going to bud. My wife and I enjoy our tulips and we have looked after them by drying them out every year and keeping them in cool dark storage indoors and plant them out again in tubs around early November. One tub of bulbs has turned out thin and scraggly.... Thanks


  • Birdy13Birdy13 Posts: 595

    As a rider to the question could I ask is it actually essential to lift tulip bulbs and store them for the next year?

    Last year a few tulips came up that I never planted - from a previous year's planting presumably.

    I planted more tulips for the first time last year and they all seem to be doing well, some types are even in flower now (GiusseppI Verdi) .

    Could they not all stay in the ground? 

  • Funny enough Paul I am having the same issue mine seem to be stuck at about

    5" with the bud only starting to show on very few I'm not to sure but I was thinking it might be due to the weather at the mo where I am so help for us both will be appreciated peeps,I have to dry my bulbs out to but I don't have much choice lol otherwise my local wild rabbits dig them up to eat.
  • Thanks Birdy & Michael


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