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Very slopping area

wrighttwrightt Posts: 234

My mother has a  large slopping garden, sloping in two directions, with a wall holding the earth up on one side with a path along the side of the house on the other.  It was very dangerous to mow as you and the mower could easily fall off the wall as the entire lawn slopes towards it. My father broke his neck falling off of it. So my mother is having the wall raised and the soil moved from the lowest part of the slope to the upper part, so it is level. She is then having very wide steps coming down, to the lower paved area by the house. She was however wondering what to do with the sloping area next to the steps. I suggest a waterfall/ stream with a pond at the bottom and my father said he wanted a rockery, which could sit either side of the stream. As anyone any other idea or has pictures to give us some inspiration?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,572

    I hope your father has recovered well.

    Terracing to give a level lawn is excellent idea. You may need a ramp to get mowers up and down. I like the idea of a waterfall and pond, and even a rockery at the side of the stream. You will need an area to hide the pump and filters.

  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 234

    Thanks for this, yes my father is fine now but it was an accident waiting to happen as I have nearly come off the wall while mowing the lawn for my parents.

  • GenoveseGenovese Posts: 5

    Our garden is sloping and the landscaping is still very much work  in  progress, do you have pictures?

  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 234

    Sorry I do not have any at the moment but hope to take some soon.

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