water butt


I want to have a water butt but have no room to put one near the down pipe.

I've seen the hydrobutt online that looks as if it will solve my problem.

Has anyone got one of these fitted and are they ok?


  • This just seems to be an expensive way to connect a long hose to a rain-water butt, or am I missing something? You can extend a downpipe adapter as far as you want, although it might block with silt and need cleaning periodically. Just check the levels are right between the downpipe and the butt. I have one where a small butt is kept full and the rest runs into a pond etc. Turning a tap or lifting the hose returns the excess to the downpipe as normal.

  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener EssexPosts: 524

    I have a water butt on the opposite side of my conservatory from the house downpipe and just have a flexible hose which starts from the diverter on the downpipe then runs down to the ground and around the outside of the conservatory and then up to the inlet for the water butt. It works fine - you just need to make sure that the diverter is at the same level as you want the top of the water in the water butt.

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