Cherry Blossom

Hi I have recently renovated a house and am now moving onto the garden which has become very overgrown and is quite a daunting task. I have quite an old cherry blossom maybe 20 years old which has never really been pruned. It has grown really tall and is going to one side. It still blossoms but not as well as it probably should. What can I do to revive it? Do I need to get a professional in to prune it?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I wouldn't necessarily expect pruning to rejuvenate a tree of that age and size - they are normally left to grow unhindered. The growth to one side will probably be because of wind direction or shadow from other trees.

    I would try giving it a good feed and clearing any undergrowth from around it to see what effect that has.

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