who is sowing what this spring?

What seeds do we all have ready in waiting? Especially interested in things that will be sown direct, as thats what most of mine will be... Im having to sit on my hands to stop myself from getting started already!


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    LbH, not sowing anything direct quite yet, except for radishes, carrots, red baron onion sets and potatoes in bags, though I started them off in the g/h. Oh, and some spinach which is coming up nicely; 2 or 3 cm high now. Peas and broad beans went in last Autumn, but I have filled in the gaps with more seed.

    Flowers; I will enlarge the flower beds a bit and then sow some annuals directimage

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    Only sown a few salad crops directly so far and they are in the raised bed that I warmed up with a fleece covering, have a lot of brassicas in modules and onion and shallots in modues too in the polytunnel.

    As its forecast to turn cold again next week will probably wait till April now before any more direct sowing, then it will be parsnips, beetroot, carrot and some mange tout peas.

  • It's so hard to be patient!! When does the 'last frost' usually happen?
  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

     I made a list on Thursday of what veg I am going to grow, not got the seeds yet though and not sowed anything direct.

    I have tomatoes (first seedling peeping through today), cucumbers and aubergines in seed trays on my windowsill (they will be moved to the GH as soon as is it ready).

    I have also sown quite a few flower seeds and will be sowing my poppies at weekend now the grass has dried out a bit and I can get to the border they are going in, it's very exciting this year as I have never done so much and am a newbie too image

  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 2,050

    Is your greenhouse heated Tracey? You might need to keep the toms, cucumbers and aubergines indoors for a while yet if not.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    loganb, I have always been told to expect frost up to May18th and then sort of ignore that info except for VERY frost tender plants. So my pelagoniums that have been in the g/h for the winter will go out on April 1st as I need the space in the g/h for seedlings. For sowing seeds directly outside it is a good idea to warm up the soil with cloches/plastic sheeting/old bits of polycarbonate, whatever you have or can get hold of. So warm the soil up for 2 weeks, sow your seeds and have some fleece perhaps to put on top to keep the heat in?image

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    Ditto Mike. Usually giving more away than I use myself image


    Better to have too many than not enough!


    I have only sowed 1 tray of annuals so far, Lobelia,Bidens, Gerberas and some Zinnias which germinated very quickly in the heated propogator. I popped them in the greenhouse today as I dont want them stretching on my windowsill.

  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    I had to smile at your comment  scroggin, at the moment my greenhouse is very warm......flat packed in my dining room LOL!!  By the time it gets assembled I don't think I will need extra heating image

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    I'm only going for direct sowing this year after a complete disaster with my first years efforts image only 3 actually bothered to poke their heads above soil seed compost image

    I don't have much of a plan but was going to sprinkle liberally around the garden to create an 'interesting' hotch potch! Knowing my luck the blighters won't take and it will put me off growing from seed for a while! image Or at least until I get seduced by seed packets again and wanto give it another go image

    I've got some poppies, corn flowers and scented night stock (I'm sure I have more but can't remember right now - sorry) image

  • Where to start...

    First off I am not growing anything at home, I don't have the ideal situations for seed growing.  But at one of my jobs I have access to a massive greenhouse so in there I have;

    Tomato (continental seeds - one large fruit and one small fruit)




    Poppies x 5

    Cornflowers (sowed some direct earlier in the year and the slugs ate them all)


    Sweet Peas



    Electric Daisies







    And I am sure I have missed some, but today I bought;

    Peas (slugs are munching through the direct sowing made three weeks ago)

    Broad Beans


    Sweet Peppers

    And I have direct sowed some parsnips, carrots, lettuce and spring onions.

    These are not all for me!  They will be shared around several jobs that I do.


    Happy growing everyone

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,882

    I've already sowed some beetroot, and I'm itching to get on with tomatoes, runner beans, borlotti beans, wax beans, courgettes etc. as well as some annuals for the flower beds etc.  

    However, the big focus here is still on getting the pond finished so we can get the bed around it planted, then we'll be on to digging a new border in the front garden, so need to sow seeds for the new beds too. 

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 2,050

    Tracey, that is indeed a very warm greenhouseimage. I'm in the same position as you and have all my seeds germinating, growing on the windowsills, its so bad I have had to put extension shelves by the window to take all the seed traysimage. One day I will get my heated greenhouse but probably not until the kids have stopped emptying the wallet as soon as it leaves the emergency room.

  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    LOL Scroggin, I had a GH but it wasn't safe and I didn't use it, so have taken it down, bought a new one and now just waiting, and waiting, and waiting.......windowsill extensions, never heard of them, what a fab idea image

  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 2,050

    Nothing fancy Tracey just some L brackets and sections of board, I can then extend out the windowsill a further 6" or so and when the season is finished just take the brackets of the wall. It means I can get 12" seed trays comfortably on the south facing windows.


  • lisa masseylisa massey Posts: 252


     Red cabbages, peas, French beans, runner beans onions and yellow rattle.





  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,168

    Man&g, quinoa; how easy is it to grow? and how do you harvest it?image

  • It's the first time I've grown it! 

    Its germinated well after 1 week and I'll probably prick it out on wednesday. I germinated it in cheap multi-purpose covered in vermiculite in an unheated propagator in the greenhouse, though temperatures down here havent really dropped below 5 degrees outside at night.

    There are instructions on harvesting it, but I don't have the packet here. I think you dry it and then can either blitz it in a food processor or whack it, then separate the chaff on a breezy day. 

    I'll keep you updated.

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 1,096

    Well i sown quite a few plants, mostly bedding plants so far. 

    Petunia - asters - nasturtium -  sweet peas - begonia - lobelia - dahlia - delphinium - stock - marigolds - cornflower - antirrhinium - gazania - mesembryanthemums - campanula - amaranthus - nigellia - swan river daisy - mimulus - hollyhock - geranium - bussy lizzy - verbenia - tomatoes - onions. I have sow multiple variety's of most of the plants i have named as well image 

    No sowing outside yet due frost this weekend

    Still got a load more to do but weather changing again , so nearly ever windowsill in the house has got plant trays on it now image to expensive to heat greenhouse. 

  • image

     Have sown 27 trays of seeds and only have a cold frame so every room has trays with propagator lids everywhere and I am potting on as soon as they are ready.

    Got too impatient to get growing so bought a couple of double heated propagators and have been sowing since mid January.

    All flowers so far...and the majority are sprouting nicely....from Asters to Zinnias...a mixture of annuals and perennials....trying tomatoes for first time tooimage!

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