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rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

sorry to be so thick just about to order some ranunculus bulbs will they come back each year? also not much info given re aspect shade tolerance etc does anyone know? thanks in advance



  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,591

    Perennial bulbs. Sun or part shade. In my experience very sensitive to slugs and snails.

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  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    thanks punkdoc i'll give them a try,slug pubs at the ready!

  • Irene5Irene5 Posts: 4

    do you need to lift them after they flower?


  • CharlieBotCharlieBot Posts: 208

    I'm going to with mine. Also I'd advise pinching them out as they grow as I haven't and they have turned out quite leggy.

  • LynLyn Posts: 23,044
    I just couldnt get them to grow well, they flowered, went all yellow and soggy then died. I have left a couple in, the rest in the bin.
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