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My patch of Earth

The people who used to own my house had rose bushes all over the garden.  Sadly I have two small children who want to play out and not free time, so I disappeared them.

Leaving:  A flat space that I have grassed over:  happy toddlers.

And.....  a slopey, 5 x 5 patch of Earth with steps up one side, a row of tree stumps along the top and frequent lumps of concrete (I think they had steps gonig up and possible dividers for 3 historic terraces: it is pretty steep. Gets the sun. 

There is a lonely, skinny stick of holly growing out of a surprisingly fat, sturdy root towards midle (well, 1/3 down and towards the middle acrossways actually, so a bit annoyingly palced) that I haven't the heart to destroy at the moment.  

There is also a ca-ton-i-as-ta?  bush looking a bit sorry at the edge at the top, blocking the path and almsot choked in grass and trailers. Hard to get underneath to clear the way.  I am considering getting rid of it...?

The main natural life is dandilions - and because of the concrete, I can't always dig out the roots.

I don't have time, inclination, building skills or money to be building walls or terracing it properly, not for 5 years or more.  I want to do something EASY.

Currently digging it over on my week off with a view to 'putting something in' - but what?

Mother in law says I should put black plastic over it and cut holes in it, then plant buhes?  I like raspberries and blackberries but mil says I'll never keep them in check?

I am not a gardener, but do want to have a garden of some kind. More inclined to flowers than food. WOuld jsut grass it over, but the concrete and gradient are a problem. Please help!


  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951

    Hi Liz, it sounds like you need a practical garden, mainly for the children to play and be safe which you have started to address with the grass area. image

    Can you post some pictures so we can get an idea of what will work for you? Also, besides low maintenance, what do you want to achieve - somewhere to sit, somewhere pretty, more play area etc? For specific plants it is helpful to know how much sun is in the garden, look at neighbours gardens as well to get an idea of what grows well and what you like the look of, how big they grow etc.

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