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New worms for wormery

My wormery never really got back into shape after I had a population crash some time ago so I need to get some new ones and here the problem starts. What type of worms to get?? There seems to be three main types that are used but different sellers says different things. A couple of sites say tiger worms are the best quoting a PhD study that says they cope better with acidity and moisture. Then the next site says the same about the dendras (without the scientific reference). Some uses a mix. I think mine came with dendras but I can't any of my paperwork for the wormery.

What are peoples experience of different types of worms? I am leaning towards tiger because of my massive tea consumption.


  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 380

    Quite an interesting thread you had there!

    Probably over 1.5 half ago. There is the odd worm (less than 10 in all three levels) in the bin and some very thin white ones that looks like Japanese rice noodles. I think it got too wet and that caused the population to crash. I tried to add kitchen paper towels, shredded newspaper and cardboard but instead of helping out it only formed clusters instead that didn't break down properly.

    My compost never looked as good as yours. Having quite a lot of half broken down stuff.

    The kind of worms I have is dendrobaena. I should also mention that I drink quite a lot of loose leaf tea and close to 50% of the stuff I add is probably tea leaves.

    I shall see if my colleague who has an allotment might know someone with a worm supply 

  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 380

    I'm still using it. Have had the tower thing for about three years. The amount of worms I mention was after digging around in it on Sunday. I overwinter it in my coal cellar as it is too cold outside during winter. I don't feed it during this time as it is under ten degrees in there. They usually go out in April again. I think the wet summer two years ago crashed the population and it never picked up again. 

    sounds like I should try to fish the ones I have out and restart it again.

  • Ah. I wish I had known this last September! My worms died in the floods of 2012 - the bin was flooded! I paid  a small sum for a small packet of worms and am delighted to say they have survived in the greenhouse over winter. They have bred and now I have lots of worms. 

  • I have an empty 3 tier wormery ,how do I get it started, I do not want to use cooked food. Many thanks

  • Hello,

    Just finished reading through Edd's 'Vermicompost for Beginners' and have decided to give it a go. Does anyone know where I may find some suitable worms in the Manchester area. I tried googling but results were either in Manchester, NY, Ontario (I need UK) or down in Essex and quoting £30 for 1KG plus extra for delivery.

  • iGrowiGrow Posts: 183
    But they are expensive... You could ask for brandlings at your local fishing tackle shop.
  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 380

    The wormery has picked up since I posted this but I still have problem with paper content. I have added newspaper and cardboard boxes to it but what seems to happen is that the paper just clumps together and doesn't break down very well. In the end it tends to be like fragments of paper that doesn't break down. I don't have  shredder so I have to tear the newspaper by hand into fine strips and pieces. Is this a result of too big pieces or of too wet wormery? It doesn't smell bad nor feel to wet to the touch.

  • rusty spaderusty spade Posts: 52

    I got all my worms from the garden about a year ago and there still fine and doing well.get some paper and compost put it on the ground and cover it with an old carpet and ceep it damp. You will have a never endless supply of composting worms.all of these companies that sell them are selling you something you already have thousands of,.wake up people, There worms!

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