Gardening for the elderly

Hi,   I am a product design student studying in my final year at university. I am in need of some valuable research and I would be very grateful if you could help by answering the following set of questions. The questions below won't take long to answer and will help me greatly in my studies.     1. What jobs do you dislike doing around the garden?   2. Whilst gardening what frustrates you about that or those particular jobs?   3. Why do you struggle to perform that particular task?   4. Do you feel any strain or pain whilst performing this task?   If you answered yes, where do you feel this pain?   5. What tools do you dislike using or have a struggle to use whilst gardening?   6. What frustrates you about using that tool?   7. Have you tried using any other tools instead to prevent pain or muscular stress?   8. Have you customised your preferred tools to help relieve any pain?   If you have please state what you have customised and why.   Many thanks I am interested to hear the response.


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    Please define elderly image

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    Do you ONLY want the elderly to answer this?

    Are you only interested in a certain age bracket?

    What is this age bracket?

    Are you also interested in the disabled who may not fit in this age bracket?

    Are you willing to supply an email address (your university one would be the best bet) so that people can send your answers without having to publicly announce their "struggles" to potentially close friends on this forum?

    Are you aware that the elderly often have poor eyesight and so might respond more if you lay your questions out one separate lines so they're clearer to see?

  • While wanting to assist in your studies I think it would be more helpful if you sent the survey direct to my/our email address with a  list of bullet ponts.

    Also, your survey needs to address the points made by 'Clarington' above

  • Sorry if i was unclear,

    I am interested in universal design, so design for all.

    The questions can be answered by anybody, I am not looking for a specific age bracket, gender or disability.

    My email address is:

    [email protected]

    You can contact me with a range of questions or queries there. I will be more than happy to help, I will resend the questionnaire with some notes.

    Unfortunately I had spaced the questions apart before submitting but there was a technical issue which grouped everything together.

    Thank you for your help.

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    "Designer 11" - Have your university not suggested using the likes of "survey monkey" type free websites? They seem to be terribly popular with other students using this site as their "research". It allows you to quantify your research - by applying tick boxes to questions such as which age bracket you slip into and to collate the information easily.

  • Sorry,

    the link features below,

    thank you for the feedback.

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    Completed for you. Good luck! image

  • Done!


  • Thank you all for your time. The more the better, the responses are greatly appreciated ! image
  • .Survey completed - much neater layout via Survey Monkey. Good luck with the project, Designer 11.

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