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lisa masseylisa massey Posts: 252

Hello, my ammerillis has put up another flower stalk, and again it has four flowers on. I'm a bit concerned that it's going to run out of steam for next year, so is there anything that I can feed it with to build it back up for next year? Thanks


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    I have had the most amazing amaryllis this year, deepest darkest red, 4 stems, each with 5 or 6 flowers - it is now resting quietly in the greenhouse.  When it has finished flowering, cut back the flower stems, water and let the leaves grow on.  Give a general feed, something seaweed based is what I use, let it die back altogether and then keep it safe till you re-start it at the end of this year for next winter. 

  • lisa masseylisa massey Posts: 252

    Thankyou. That seems simple enough.

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