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amazing are plants

arnt plant amazing last year i got a fire and ice hosta only six or seven centimeters in size . i potted it up and waited for it to grow to my disapointment it all went wrong leaves dryed up new shoots went brown and the plant just curled up and i picked the pot up and tossed it into a rubbish bit of the garden and for got about it.

yesterday i went on a tidy up and enptyed and sorted the rubbish bit of the garden tiped out pots and used the old compost on the garden waite whats that i said to myself picked up this neting bit from the old compost MY GOD it was my hosta with two green shoots i promtly repoted it in new compost just shows that plants can live with total naglect.


  • hi Verdun thanks for the advise it just amazing that it has lived it was just left for deed almost all year .i think i had leaves on it for about two months before i thought i had killed it so happy i got it back image

  • Verdun i still waiting for my hosta order from bowdems been over four weeks now cant wait to get them got some giant ones comingimage

  • Verdun

    i just googled your Fire Island hosta it looks wonderfull, i  take it  the hosta cant have to much sun

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