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Veg planting.

I have just dug 5 small veg plots 1.8m x 3.5m

I am a hospital patient and am trying to get theses beds to help with mine and other patients recovery. A small amount of exercise and fresh air will benefit us all, i hope! 

As none of us are gardeners, can anyone offer us some advice on whats best to plant now and how this should be done.

I am told the soil is excellent for veg, i have dug it over 3 times and fed it. We are looking for salads, carrots, potatoes  all veg and herbs we can use in our cooking classes and can be given to patients as part of there recovery bag when we leave hospital.

Any advice will be gratefully received. 


Ps Do all seeds have to be started in doors or can i sow straight into the ground? Thank you


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