Talkback: How to hand-pollinate hellebores

I adore Helibores and found this clip most interesting. I can't wait for spring to try it. Carol is the best!


  • hello, i collected hellebore seeds last year from the christmas rose variety and lots of them have got to the two leaf stage but no further, is this because i did not cross polinate them as i have just seen carol do in the video, i would grateful for your advice.thanks patsy francis
  • The video on this site

    seeems to be the wrong one - it relates to pruning with a different presenter.
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,199

    The only reason you might need to cross pollinate Hellebores is if you are attempting to creat a seed strain of your own. I have never bothered and the seed set for us is phenominal, to the extent that we have to dead head or become overwhelmed with the self sown plants.


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