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Hi, I am a gardening novice, I had two lovely Wallflower plants given to me yesterday but not sure where in garden to plant them? Do they like full sun? Shade ?

Could anyone also tell me if they are a perenial plant ?

Thanks guys


  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,344

    Hi cazzyb,

    Great to have free plants given to you

    I have quite a few wallflowers. I think they do prefer full sun, but some of  mine are doing good in partial shade as well.

    You can get some perennial types, such as Bowles Mauve. There are other perennials as well.  The ones you've got could be biennial. Easy to grow from seed which are produced after the flowering.

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    Wall flowers or "Cheiranthus" are "perennials" although often treated as "biennials" they will grow almost anywhere and I have tubs of them around the garden for the scent and the cheerful look of them. If they are in pots then leave them and enjoy, place in a sunny spot if ever we get any sun. you can propagate them by soft wood cuttings and bring them on for the next spring.


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    Thanks for above Info all greatfully received, I have so many questions not sure where to begin !!

    Is there a way to put photos on here as I have couple of queries re : some house plants that I have been told I can put outside - however I dont know and certainly dont want to risk it until I know for sure.

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,344


    Yes you can upload pic directly from your pc. Where you type there's a little tree icon, next to the ABC icon. There is a size limit & they have to be jpegs.

    Usually works for me, although over the last couple of days, some pics have uploaded ok, others say there too large? Dont understand, as they are taken by the same camera phone. Nevermind. image

    Hope to see some of your pics soon. I know that succulent house plants enjoy a frost free time out doors

  • cazzybcazzyb Posts: 6

    Thanks Hollie - Hock I will try to upload some pics alongside my queries.


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