Does piling up potatoes make that much difference?

Can you give me a direct comparison with baby potatoes? I've only ever grown them in pots, placing them at a shallow depth and leaving them to do their thing. 

I get just over 1k of spuds per spud. Is it possible to get MORE than I am from a single spud by piling up? If so, is it a great deal of difference? How far can you push a potato plant?

I use large pots, the growth span on the potatoes never fills the pot, so they aren't limited, I think I'm getting as much as you can doing it the way I have been.

Here's a typical crop from growing in deep pots, and the actual spuds I use.


ALSO - If you grow different types of spuds, could you share with me the yeild you get from them. I've been mostly eating these spuds for years now, but they're a bit small for a sunday roast. 


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    Baby potatoes, as sold in the supermarket, are just the little potatoes that in years past would have been graded out.  They are not a special kind that only grow to baby-size.  The supermarkets have just exploited a liking for small potatoes.

    Go to any garden centre at this time of year and you will find many kinds of different potatoes.  But as seed potatoes have been on sale generally since January you may find the choice is limited.

    You will find seed potatoes that are specifically recommended for roasties. The ones you are growing appear to be salad potatoes though I can't see the variety.

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    Last year on GW MD found that he got excellent yields growing potatoes in raised beds and without all the earthing up that growing in traditional rows entails.

    As WO says, to get bigger spuds for roasting you have to choose a good variety and grow them for longer.  It can be done in pots or raised beds but in pots they depend entirely on you for all their food and water as rain will not give them enough.

    I actually prefer small new or salad potatoes for roasting but I do them Italian style with rosemary, garlic and a bit of olive oïl and no parboiling.   For traditional British roasties you really need Desirée or Maris Piper. 

    The Vendée, France
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    Ahh I think I deleted an answer! I can't figure out what I'm doing here lol. 

    Thanks both of you, I read both before I deleted one (just how?) 

    Obelixx, I do get (what I think) is a good yield without piling up. I just wanted to know how much more people are getting from it. I found out via yahoo answers that someone in the UK who grows the same size potatoes as me is getting 15k to my 1k! So I'm really excited to give piling up a go now. I'm still doing it in pots though!

    There's about 2 cats per human around here. I love cats, just not what they bury in freshly worked soil! image It's always put me off, so I literally grow everything in pots. 

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