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Just thought I would write with  a Handy Hint regarding Garden Labels . I had purchased some Wooden garden  labels from my local Wilkinsons Store and the cost was 10 for £1.28p. that price alone seemed much cheaper than garden websites and auction sites  I had looked at,  however when tidying up my daughters bedroom, I found in her Beauty Case ( she`s a Beautician ) some wooden spatulas that are used to apply wax, they looked very much like the wooden labels I had purchased, apart from the ends which  were rounded,instead of pointed at one end.  I looked on line to price the wax spatulas, and found that I can buy 100 for the price of £ 1.50p. That will do me fine, I have ordered the spatulas which even come with free p&p, they should be able to stick in the ground along seed drills or new plants in the garden.At that cheap price I will be able to use a permanant marker on the spatulas when labeling plants etc thus avoiding the weather rubbing off the plant  names . I will recap this review if I have any problems, Hope its helpful to all you gardeners out there



  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    You can also buy them from the local chemist - called tongue depressants (so the doc can see your tonsils). They look like 5" long lollipop sticks. I bought a pack of 200 to use in my classes. I write each student's name on a stick, and put each class set in a mug. I slect at random when throwing out questions to check learning, five seconds after posing the question. Great at the beginning of the year when i can't remember names. And good for plant labels too. 

  • I had a few wooden ones last year & where I used a felt pen is now a damp, black & muddy mess, but where I used a biro it's more legible. (They might be better if the stick dried out).

  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    Did you use a water based pen or a permanent one? 

  • i did't  do that

  • Paul NPaul N Bearsted, KentPosts: 300

    With my collection of roses now reaching 72 and with my memory being what it is, I've tried variuos types of plant labels over the years and finally come up with some which are clear and don't deteriorate in sunlight. They are black plastic 'paddle type' labels, 24cm Flat T labels (10 for £3) and I use Artline 440XF PaintMarkers 0.8mm and 1.2mm pens in white. These are obtainable from

    The labels are crystal clear and can be read when at the back of the borders. Best things since sliced bread!

  • Good idea Highland Jeannie about the biro idea when labeling and thanks too Gold 1 Locks about the Tongue Depressants to use as labeling too I will ask at my local chemists for my next supply. We gardeners must help each other with all the hints and tips, brilliant . x

  • How about using the slats off an old ventian blind, cut up and write on them with a wax pencil. (Apparently permanent markers aren't permanent in the sun) I've just heard of this one and I'm just searching to see in anyone has an old blind and I'm going to give it a go. I will get hundreds of labels out of an average sized blind.

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    I have heard that some thrifty folk cut up old yoghourt pots and the like for labels.
  • Paul NPaul N Bearsted, KentPosts: 300

    No, no, no. PaintMarkers are the way to go. Everything else fades and when it does, you've probably lost the plant's name. Ideally I'd prefer the engraved Formica labels seen at gardens like Wisley, but I don't know how they manage to do theirs.

  • Paul NPaul N Bearsted, KentPosts: 300

    Well I do now. They use an expensive engraver, too expensive for me.

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