foxgloves in pots

Hello all,

I have a few foxgloves planted in pots, but I think there is more than one in each pot. Should I split these up for a better flowering? If so can I do that at this time of year? are there any tips or tricks anyone has?

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  • i would have only one in each pot depending on how big your pot is as they put on their new growth from the middle of the crown which forces them outwards. How big are the pots? What type of foxglove as well? I bought a perennial fox glove this year with long straight leaves can wait to see it flowering....

  • Kevin daleKevin dale Posts: 135

    Iv just moved some foxgloves to a different part of the garden leaving about 8-12 inches between allowing them to spread out they prefer semi shade you

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,292

    It's probably the best time to do this,they only have a shallow root system. Don't know about the effect on flowering, but one to a pot sounds like a good idea

  • Thanks all!

    the pots are about 12" in diameter - I will move the bunched up ones asap. I'll leave the best one undisturbed as much as possible I guess. not entirely sure on the species - they are supposed to have pink flowers and have big ol' leaves that seem to be turning slightly red at the ends. I'll try posting a pic when I can. They are definately the thing I am most excited about in my garden!

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