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Talkback: Trees for small gardens

Only in the description of the Eucalyptus is the soil type mentioned. It is helpful to know if plants are lime tolerant, but this is so often omitted.

I have two different rowan trees, and they are beautiful small trees - elegant and airy, with flowers, fruit and good autumn colour. The birds think they are great too. And they keep the witches away!


  • 30m is not a small tree. This is very misleading. I have a small garden and a tree this size would fill the garden
  • I agree with the comment from the person about the 30m tree - WOW, that's HUGE!! Another small tree that we planted a year ago in our North-West facing garden on top of a very windy hill is the Caragana arborescens or Siberian Pea Tree. The description says that it "can grow up to 6 metres tall but in practice seldom exceeds about 3 metres".
  • i would like a small tree in my very small garden so that i can hang a bird box on it but i have four cats would the birds be safe?
  • I have planted my BBC Rowan tree in my garden or should I say the tiny stick that I recieved from the garden centre, hope it grows but I have this awful feeling that eventually will be too big.
  • I have a rowan tree stick! can anyone tell me how long I have to wait to see it transform into a tree?As Im tempted just to chuck it out!
  • In answer to the comment about the Rowan stick growing too big. We had one in our garden that was about 20ft tall which got damaged, so I pollarded it at 3ft and told it to live or die! It lived and sent out loads of new branches from the base so presumably it can be coppiced as well!
  • My dhalia tubers have sprouted. Should I plant out now or June? What shall I do till then? Re pot?

  • Eucalyptus grow huuuuuge. We don't all live at long meadow! Rather misleading. You can't go wrong with a flowering cherry.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    Rowans get big quite quickly. My whip (50cm) this time last year grew to 8ft by autumn last year. I expect it to branch out this year.

    Eucatlyptus do grow too large too quickly - 5 years to 20-30ft. The problem is it does grow too quickly and the roots are shallow and in strong winds have a tendancy to fall over. Not good in a small garden as you pick up the damage of a heavy 20ft tree.

    Paulowina is a good choice as they grow quickly but you cut them down and they regrow to 6ft every year with large leaves.

  • I have a James Grieve apple and a victoria plum small trees in my garden. They are over ten years old and the fruit from them is not very good due to lack of attention on my part. I am going to cut them down to bush size and would be quite happy with just a show of blossom in spring. Any chance this would be successful?
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