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Last January I planted 4 David Austin roses at the base of my pergola.I was told that my choice of A Shropshire Lad was a good one to train as it is reasonably lax growing.  In reality, the stems are quite thick and not at all pliable - though the flowers were lovely.  Several of the stems are growing away from the trellis support and there is no way I will get them to bend towards it.  I don't think these plants are likely to cover the top of the pergola.  So I am planning to plant another rose that will eventually give me the look I'm wanting - a pergola festooned with blossom, and a joy to walk under!

Any suggestions?  Ideally it would be fragrant and repeat flowering, but I might have to compromise on this.  It needs to contrast or blend with the peach/apricot shade of Shropshire Lad, but could have flowers in clusters.

Any ideas gratefully received!   Happy.


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    I'd give consideration to Souvenir de la Malmaison - a similar shaped bloom to Shropshire Lad, a beautiful shell-pink with just a touch of apricot - a good climber, continuous flowering, very scented, a gorgeous rose - it sometimes suffers in the wet, but with the blooms hanging down through the pergola that shouldn't be a problem 


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  • Thanks Dove.  It looks a lovely rose.  I've looked at various websites where it's featured, but several of them mention it's prone to rain damage.  Unfortunately I don't live in a dry part of the country - like East Anglia!

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    ..the trouble I find with Austin's is that they need other Austin's to set them off... I find they don't assort well with roses of a different type... they seem quite unique.. but maybe I'm being fussy there...and I do not always do as I preach...

    ...climbing Gertrude Jekyll might suit your purpose... if you don't mind all the thorns...

  • Not crazy about thorns, I have to say  image

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,198

    I have an iceberg climbing over a pergola with shropshire lads growing up the front pillars - the white seems to work with the peach.  I went for it because i thought it might be difficult to get another pink that doesn't jar with SL.

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  • Ooh Chicky, that is really helpful!  I had been thinking that a white rose might go best with SL.  You wouldn't by any chance have a photo of your pergola, would you?  Do you think Climbing Iceberg would be happy in a 40 litre pot?  That's the size DA recommend for a climbing rose.

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,198

    Not got any photos of it in bloom - and it looks a bit drab at the moment!  Remind me again in Juneimage

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