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Moving a tree

I have a pyrus salicifolia Pendula which is completely in the wrong place, tucked in behind a tree so I can't see it. I'd like to move it but would like to know if that's possible and when and how. I don't think it's very old but I've only moved here this year. It is about 4ft high. thanks.


  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

    Trees should be moved during their dormant period, say November onwards but not when the ground is frozen. It's only a titch so should move happily but dig a decent sized root ball with it. 

  • thanks so much. I'll start preparing the hole! Any advice as to what size hole or what to put in it?


  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

    Always dig a deeper and wider hole than you imagine. Some compost on the bottom and plant in the hole at the same depth it was originally.

  • Thanks so much. Is now the dormant period? 

  • sorry Jim aint saying anything, I dont know anything about trees but what I would like to ask is when can I prune an apple tree, we gave it a good haircut last year but this year it grew big and a lot of small new branches etc, I would love to really give it a good hair cut again, as last year I dont think we did it right/ or enough, the tree is about 45 years old.

  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

    "say November onwards", Corinne.

  • Its now mid-April.  Is it still advisable at this time to move trees?

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