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    On the rat front - a couple of years ago our neighbour put decking down without blocking it in and it was soon colonised by a family of rats, They used a run from his garden to ours to climb up on the bird table. It was the funniest thing ever to watch as they used their prehensile tails to abseil along the trellis to get to the food but saying that they had to go. Had to stop feeding the birds and the guy next door had to resort to getting an exterminator in as they were getting in his house. Thankfully they didn't get in my house. They were entering his via the tumble dryer vent.

    I don't really like the idea of killing anything but as Joslow said, they carry disease and have to be controlled.

    The image that will stay with me forever was the sight of my hubby in his suit and tie on Xmas day standing by a gap in the fence with a spade in his hand. image

  • I shoot grey squirrels that come into my garden for the following reasons..

    1) They are non native and are partly responsible for the demise of our native red squirrel.

    2) I put out lots of expensive bird food, and the squirrels can empty the feeders in one day

    3) They are vermin.

    Once killed, I leave them out on the lawn and Mrs Fox & her cubs come by each night and takes them, which is a real treat to watch.

  • Then I think that is sad that you feel the need to be so brutal-I am glad I live nowhere near someone with such a reckless and gun-ho attitude


  • joslowjoslow Posts: 218

    So you are really a lazy gardener, the whole point of gardening is controlling nature not allowing it to control us. I will go with any thing that means that I have the garden I want and if that means disposing of vermin them so be it.

  • Have just come in and saw you remark which I found quite rudeimage-but never mind.

    I am not going to get in an argument with you or any one else over this but will say this-when we are all now encouraged to tempt wildlife into the garden there are people like you and other posters who think it is ok- on some pretext- to go round killing things because you want a neat and tidy world?

    Surely I am not alone in my view that this is wrong?

  • chicachica Posts: 252

    no you are not alone everything is welcome in my garden we have lots of birds squirrels,small frogs in our little pond little field mice running about and we love it also we have a cat that just sits looking at them all,and i feel sorry for the people who just are bent on killing things its so sad.

  • ok,I really don't want anyone to take offence at this because it's just my opinion and  I'm playing advocate here.... but, those of you who are objecting to shooting rats, are you vegan / vegetarian? It's a genuine question and just something to think about?

    The reason I ask is if you eat meat or drink milk then the animals are killed.... if you drink milk then bear in mind that the biggest bi product of the dairy industry is beef, in the form of the male calves that are born in order for their mothers to produce milk.

    I'm a fully paid up dairy, meat eater BUT I understand that animals are killed so they go on my plate. If you are going to complain about rodents being shot then maybe it's worth looking at other opinions you have as well. you've already said you shouldn't have one rule for one animal and another for a different animal

    Personally I have a real phobia of Rats and mice and the much beloved deals with the mice with a humane trap..... as far as I know we've never had rats, but I don't think he's tell me even if we had! We leave nuts in a seperate spot for the squirrel and he seems to leave the feeders alone! We don't mind him visiting, the kids will sit for hours quietly watching out for him! image

  • joslow wrote (see)

    Oh dear some of you need to move into the real world, all vermin need to be controlled, anyone who lives in a built up area will tell you that we would be over run with pests and disgusting diseases if we did not show that we are in charge. That might mean poison or being a good shot. Now where can I buy an air rifle?

    If the human race wasn't so dirty in as much as leaving food on the floor because they can't be bothered to find a bin then there wouldn't be the bother that there is with "vermin" ,  everything in this world has it's reason to be on this planet so live and let live is my motto.

  • Tried chilli powder - the squirrels just carry on regardless!!

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