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I have a 'squirrel-proof' bird feeder, and have occasioanally found a squirrel inside. It's not that easy for squirrels to get in, or out. I have simply chased the squirrel off, and the problem has gone away.

Squirrels eating bird food can be a problem. The solution recommended by the RSPB is to dust the bird food with chilli powder. Chilli powder is harmless to birds but makes the food repulsive to rodents.




  • Never mind squirrels, we have been invaded by jays(beautiful creatures).They nested here and produced two beauties. So the four of them are ruling the garden , displaying typical crow family behaviour. By the way, they love peanuts in shells and compete with the squirrels(they like shell peanuts too) but the squirrels ,so far have given  the jays a run for the peanuts!!

  • i am afraid where i live near a railway line.. rats are a common problem.. so we got an air rifle.. it sorts them out.. have to keep on top of them..

  • Is that a new phenomena?-I have heard of "snakes on a plane" but "rats on a train" sounds like the next blockbuster

  • Why do people need to needlessly kill things-I know rats are a nuisance but often you will just wound them and are they doing any harm?- they are not in the garden

    All sounds a bit wild west  and haphazard to meimage

  • Graeme,it was rat in the bedroom yesterday as Rocky the cat brought one I. At 5 am. He's never done that before.

    I hear that a new brown squirrel has arrived in the Uk.
  • gardeningfanatic do you actually shoot to kill? This sounds very drastic to me, do you need a license? I think that we should respect all of gods creatures.

  • joslowjoslow Posts: 218

    Oh dear some of you need to move into the real world, all vermin need to be controlled, anyone who lives in a built up area will tell you that we would be over run with pests and disgusting diseases if we did not show that we are in charge. That might mean poison or being a good shot. Now where can I buy an air rifle?

  • I only come on here to find some garden tips and a bit of light heartened stuff-but want to ask this?-are pigeons fair game and what do they taste like?

  • joslowjoslow Posts: 218

    Pigeons are gameimage

  • Oh dear indeed joslow-so it is ok for people to go round shooting things?-what sort of example does that set?

    That sort of attitude makes me very angryimage

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