When to cut back hemerocallis foliage pre Winter

Finally got my day lillies to flower this year with loads of potash, but should I cut back all the spent foliage now or leave it to over winter?  I usually take all foliage on my perrennials down this month - just wonder if this is a bit too early.



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,673

    Leave it till it's gone completely brown and then just pull it off by hand.

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  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    I quite happily cut back foliage of day lillies now.

  • I am sorry but I am getting really confused and think I have messed up againimage my book said that day lilies were herbacous perennials so I thought that this means that they die backimage and that the leaves go brown and you need to remove them. Why do you need to remove them? Should they be evergreen and have I messed up by trimming them back. I need helpimage

  • Christopher thank you for explaining that I am new to gardening and still trying to work out the difference between text book advice and the wisdom of experienced gardeners. Could I trouble you for some more advice I still cannot work out the difference between tender perennials and half hardy perennials.

  • Hi, I find that in North Wales they usually go brown and I remove the leaves. I will move some tomorrow so I will trim the leaves back then.

  • Christopher thank you for that some books call plants tender and others half hardy and I was getting so confused.image I am trying to grow lilies but some seem hardy like day lilies but others like calla lilies are half hardy, is there an easy way to work out which is which?

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