Hairy Bittercress control

I have been dealing with this prolific weed for about six years now. I arrived home from Fl. two days ago and and have spent all my waking hours on hands and knees hand picking to the tune of five (5) large plastic bags full. For those of you familiar with the beast, you need no further description. None of the chemical companies I have contacted will not touch this one with a ten foot pole. There seems to be no control once it gets introduced to your landscape. I have tried pre-emergence chemicals all to no avail. Anyone? Thanks ,Jag3


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    No quick fix that I know of I'm afraid. I'm also plagued with it. Fortunately, it's a fairly shallow rooted little beast, with easily identifiable foliage, so vigilance and ruthlessness may be the only way to go. Once they've flowered, their seeds shoot off like projectiles, so there's another few generations of it, so if you can get it before flowering, that's a bonus. I never put it on my compost heap either.

  • boozysuzyboozysuzy Posts: 27

    There is a saying "one year's seed, seven years weed" so it may be a long project!  Would it be possible to lay some weed supressing fabric or black plastic over affected areas to try and kill it off? (with holes for the plants you want)

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I've found it's just a case of constant weeding before it can flower, as already said. Mulching the ground will keep it down until a fresh batch seeds, but you still have to be vigilant.

  • Jag3Jag3 Posts: 7

    Unfortunately, I don't get back from Fl. until mid-April when it already has a good start. We spend all kinds of money on seeds which barely last a season in the envelope yet these pests seem to last in the ground multiple years. Go figure. Thanks folks, Jag3

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