I was just wondering how many of you on here use 'Nematodes'? I was speaking to my Grandad who has been a gardener for many years and he says that he prefers to use it twice a year but I haven't really considered it properly myself.

Which got me wondering how many of you on here use and if so, when and which do you recommend?



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,122

    I use them, they do work. My garden was full of slugs last year despite the dry weather, at the moment even with this warm spell there are fewer about, so I will be using them again this year pretty soon to keep on top of them. I grow mainly slug resistant plants, however I hope treatment will allow me to grow some delphiniums which don't look like a string vest with days of coming up.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,843

    I used them to treat a bed for Vine Weevil - it had a fantastic effect and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • I used them as well and I would use again

  • Lizzy21Lizzy21 Posts: 2

    I used them last year as I was fed up of my hostas looking like lace curtains every year. I have to say they were brilliant. Just the odd patch of leaves got a small amount of damage. I had the best hostas in my road. They did only last 3 months however so you do need to repeat the process later in the season.

    I will definately be using them again this year.image

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    They do indeed work well, but for me, I found the whole process more physical work than I could manage well.  Also, as nature abhors a vacuum, the neighbours slugs came in en masse later on.  However, for a smallish patch that you want to be especially good, they certainly work.  Am thinking of drenching my hosta area with them this year - we will see. 

  • Thanks everyone, sounds like it's worth a try then. Where would you say is the best place or brand to get them from? 

  • I was thinking of using them in my Wonder Wall (very fine netting polytunnel) only as I do get hedgehogs in my garden and would hate to get rid of the hedgehogs main source of food .  Does anyone know if once the slug has eaten a nematode if it then becomes poisonous to hedgehogs and other slug eaters ?

  • I haven't tried them yet, but planning to this yr. I believe that they are fine for all predators of slugs and snails, as they occur naturally. Have to be better than even organic pellets, I wouild say.

  • Lizzy21Lizzy21 Posts: 2

    I too get hedgehogs and was worried about the effects of other types of slug control ie: slug pellets. as I have a cat and a dog. I used a brand called Nemaslug. The blog on their site states "The nematodes in Nemaslug® Slug Killer are found naturally in UK soil and have been approved for use in organic gardening by the Soil Association and are not harmful to wildlife, pets or children.  Now I can keep special areas relatively clear and I'm sure that there are enough slugs around in the wild part of my back garden and the surrounding neighbourhood to keep the hedgehogs more than happy. Good luck with your Wonder Wall.

  • Thanks Lizzy

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